YouTube Blog 1 – How to learn about Data Vault 2.0 quickly?

An introduction to Data Vault 2.0 for the time poor


Are you new to Data Vault?

If you start researching Data Vault on the internet you may be looking for a straightforward explanation of what a Data Vault system is. We thought we would produce a series of short YouTube videos to help those who are new to Data Vault, are time poor (aren’t we all) and want to learn the basics without any fuss.

Learn the basics quickly

Neil Strange, our CEO and Data Vault 2.0 expert, gave a presentation to the UK Data Vault User Group introducing Data Vault for beginners and we have turned this into a series of 7 short ‘bite-size’ videos.  There are 45 minutes in total divided into sections of 5 to 10 minutes.

The first above is the introduction.  We hope you find them useful.