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erwin Data Modeler NoSQL software

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Datavault is an erwin Gold Partner for the supply of the erwin Data Modeler NoSQL.  We offer competitive pricing for the software and knowledgeable services for implementation projects.

Data modelling for Mongo DB and Couchbase

erwin as the data modelling industry leader has developed erwin Data Modeler NoSQL to help you model and manage your unstructured cloud data as effectively as traditional data sources.  It’s the only native, enterprise-class data modeling solution that supports MongoDB and Couchbase. Deploy new MongoDB/Couchbase applications and migrate infrastructure to the cloud quickly, while maintaining the integrity, quality and governance of the underlying data.


Start using your data as a strategic asset with erwin Data Modeler.

Why Choose erwin Data Modeler NoSQL

erwin data modeler NoSQL software

Ease Migration from Traditional Databases to the Cloud

DM NoSQL guides users through the de-normalisation required for an efficient NoSQL design.


Easily Discover and Understand NoSQL Data

By giving stakeholders an integrated view of conceptual, logical and physical models, both business and technical users can collaborate across your enterprise.


Work Effectively with Mongo DB and Couchbase

Let traditional DBMS teams and developers design and deploy MongoDB and Couchbase data sources with guided editors and task automation.

Generate the code to work efficiently

Once your physical design is created, erwin DM NoSQL automates the creation of JSON-like document definition scripts that can be used to instantiate your MongoDB/Couchbase database, allowing for the efficient, accurate deployment of NoSQL designs into your environment.

Selected for Database Trends and Applications magazine’s fifth annual list of “Trend-Setting Products for 2018”.

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If you’re considering the transition from traditional relational databases to NoSQL – or if you’re already using the technology – then you need to read the erwin e-book: Taking Control of NoSQL Databases