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erwin Data Governance software

Persona-based data governance software

Integrated Business Glossary, Data Dictionary and Data Catalog that expands data governance beyond IT, so every organisational stakeholder can discover, understand, govern and socialise data. Enterprise data governance not only mitigates risk but also improves organisational performance and accelerates growth.


Start using your data as a strategic asset with erwin Data Governance.

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Datavault is an erwin Gold Partner for the supply of the erwin Data Governance Software.  We offer competitive pricing for the software and expertise upon Data Governance implementation.

Why Choose erwin Data Governance

erwin data governance software

Create an Enterprise Data Governance Experience

Expand data governance beyond IT and traditional data stewards, so all organisational stakeholders are invested in and accountable for data use.


Understand How Data Changes Impact Operations

Use data impact analysis to know where all specific data resides and how changes will impact people, processes and systems before you implement them.


Mitigate Risks and Improve Business Performance

Provide meaning, standards and context so data can be trusted across the enterprise for strategic decision-making, including but not limited to compliance.

Integrated Business Glossary, Data Dictionary and Catalog

  • Build glossaries of terms in taxonomies with synonyms, acronyms and relationships, publish approved standards and prioritise them.
  • Map data in all its forms, from Business Intelligence reports to relational database structures, into the central catalog of data elements to answer the vital question of “where is our data?”
  • Understand who and what is using your data to ensure adherence to usage standards and rules.

Data Impact Analysis, Not Just Data Lineage

  • Understand how potential data changes will affect enterprise operations before you make them, reducing the associated risks and costs.
  • See real-time impact diagrams that link core data elements to the business glossary and databases that store them, processes that use and transform them, and applications that access and manipulate them to better plan and manage change.


Role-Based, Highly Configurable User Interfaces

  • The user experience is tailored to individual roles, both IT and business, to provide the needed context to define and streamline their workflows for the most empowered and effective data governance within each role.
  • Create and change roles to meet the unique data governance needs of your organisation.

With data governance as the guiding principle and technology platform, IT and the business collaborate for peak organisational performance – from compliance to growth.

erwin Data Governance Product Data Sheet

Understand the key features with the erwin Data Governance datasheet.

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