Data Stewards GDPR Ambassadors – Infographic

Data Stewards GDPR Ambassadors Infographic

Data Stewards GDPR Ambassadors Infographic

It does not matter whether you are running the country or running a business, one of the key challenges facing any organisation is to bridge the gap between policy and execution.  Policy makers can sit in an ivory tower crafting well-thought through ideas into detailed policy, but it counts for nothing unless it can be executed meaningfully on the ground.

Most organisations have put in place Data Protection and Privacy policies in response to GDPR.  The reality, we suspect, is that compliance will only occur once people across the organisation change the way they work with personal data.  Staff need to understand what the policies mean to them in the context of their own daily tasks.

Staff need to understand what the policy means to them in the context of their own daily tasks

The Business Data Steward can help monitor compliance, generate key performance indicators and give feedback to policy-makers about the real-world challenges encountered at ground level.  Crucially they are a key part of keeping the compliance process alive and ensuring that GDPR is not a one-off exercise but part of a wider cultural change to the way that personal data is handled across the organisation.   They can foster co-operation and collaboration across departments, supporting one another and sharing best practise.  This is especially true in the context of security where the nature of the ever-present threat changes all the time.  Frequently Data Stewards can help bridge the gaps between HR and IT by helping to support identity and access management activities.

Business Data Stewards can become the Ambassadors for GDPR within their area of the business

The Business Data Steward is a well-established concept in data governance.  Organisations with active information governance will have Data Steward roles in place but whether your organisation already has Data Stewards or not, success in GDPR will come from ensuring that policy is executed well at a local level.

At Datavault we have a track record in data governance.  We provide training for Business Data Stewards and GDPR.  We can help your organisation to create your own GDPR compliance ambassadors.