Data Vault 2.0

Building an in-house team to deliver Data Vault 2.0

5 Things to consider building an in-house team to deliver Data Vault 2.0

Data Vault 2.0 is increasingly being recognised globally as the leading approach for agile Data Warehouse projects. 

Ensure the in-house team has enough experience to make the right decisions and deliver rapid results

Having decided to embrace Data Vault 2.0: the next challenge is to ensure that the in-house team has enough experience to make the right decisions and deliver rapid results.  Here are five things to consider when building your in-house capability:

  1. Training
    Data Vault 2.0 has some important differences to other approaches, including the use of a small number of standards, which the development team need to embrace.  Formal training gives team members the opportunity to understand the thinking behind the approach and giving them a more thorough understanding of the what and why – making team members more effective, productive and less likely to make mistakes.
  2. Prototyping
    The first project needs to manage its scope carefully – a small scope prototype is fast to develop and more likely to be successful.  A quick turnaround helps with initial learning, as this boosts the confidence of the team and wider organisation before building up to a larger system It is more effective (on a small scale) to focus on areas in crisis or which have not been previously addressed in order to demonstrate capability, and avoiding areas which require access to a wide range of data from multiple source systems.
  3. Tools
    There are no prescribed tools for implementing Data Vault 2.0.; some customers choose to develop their own code. Building your own tools, can delay the project at a time when you need to show results.  Furthermore, you are coding tools at the start of the project with limited Data Vault experience; these tools will have an impact throughout the project. So, in many instances it might be advisable to rely on the assistance of specialist tools; investing in readily available packages makes years of knowledge immediately accessible and effective, whereas in-house development can add to delays.  Our experience is that tools can mean fewer people on projects and those staff are able to work at a higher level thanks to the automation of some repetitive tasks.  The time to invest in tools is at the beginning.
  4. Coaching
    As with any sports team, a coach can play a crucial role in optimising the team’s performance.  A skilled coach needs to have a deep knowledge of the subject combined with the ability raise the team’s capabilities and drive them to superior performance.  The right coach will de-risk the project by supplying practical knowledge from a myriad of previous experiences applying the theory in real-world scenarios.
  5. Team approach
    The right team will need experience of Data Warehousing and an open mind to doing things a little bit differently, such as adopting specific ways of modelling and architecting solutions.   The team needs to adopt an agile way of working, which will underpin the approach and buy-in to Data Vault 2.0 by introducing the approach and explaining its advantages.  The team needs to be clear about what they are doing and why, moving quickly into practical activities to re-enforce their understanding of the method.  This is made easier by using prototyping as described above which helps to shorten the learning cycle. 

By combining these ideas, you will find your project benefits by:

  • Making fewer mistakes
  • Having greater team cohesion resulting in enhanced performance
  • Accelerated learning which boosts productivity and effectiveness in a short timespan
  • Delivering functional software from an early stage; benefiting everyone and demonstrating the effectiveness of Data Vault 2.0.
As with any sports team a coach can play a crucial role in optimising the team’s performance

We are also part of an initiative to create a community to share knowledge and experience of Data Vault 2.0 projects in an informal setting – consider joining the UK Data Vault User Group

We have provided Data Vault 2.0 coaching services to clients in the past.  Talk to us if you would like to know more.